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If your like me & LOVE make up and skin care/hair care products then I'm sure your bathroom can get messy and out of control like mine used too! Solution: containers/trays for makeup organization! These can be bought online @ Amazon.com. I found mine at Ross Dress For Less for only $15! It's hard clear plastic with a bunch of little holders built in for holding lipsticks, eyeshadows, brushes, etc. It's amazing! I also bought a small shelf from Ross for only $9.99 to create more room for bottles, washes, etc. I also snagged a small three drawer pull out (made for office supplies)$5.00 for my concealers, mascaras, etc. I put my hair stuff in there too! Total was only $30.00 and now my bathroom is organized and pretty!
@danidee It is so much easier to find what I need and it helps your makeup last longer because it isn't all just 'thrown in a bag' (: You can do it!
I need to get myself organized too. Siiiighhh.
@galinda Exactly plus it can ruin your makeup! And yes the Naked Pallete is my favorite to wear with my blue eyes (:
I seriously need to get myself organized lol Stuffing everything into one bag is NOT working anymore (also heyyyyyy naked palette!)