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Vaseline conditions and moisturizes lashes that are dry and brittle and will help to strengthen your eyelashes. When the old ones fall out (don't worry, they're supposed to!) the Vaseline helps the new ones grow thicker and, in some cases, longer! Here's how~ 1. Grab one Q-tip and roll the end of it, where the cotton is, in the Vaseline. Check to make sure the Vaseline has coated the cotton. 2. Brush (roll) the Q-tip under your lashes, upwards. You may also use a clean eyelash brush or your finger. 3. Cover the other side of your Q-tip with a little more Vaseline. Now you may roll it on your eyelashes under your eye (bottom lashes) and keep there for 12 seconds. 4. Doing this the night before makes it less likely for you to accidentally rub off the Vaseline. When you wake up in the morning, wash away the Vaseline.
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I do specifically at before bedtime
I read that it was bad if you put it everyday, is that not true?
this says vaseline , some comments say extra virgin olive oil. so i got the vaseline & extra virgin olive oil & i mixed them with a spoon until they had completely mixed together. i've been using this for a week now it works great on me! i had super small lashes & i can sure see them growing. 馃槃
@stargaze If you want longer lashes you should definitely try this mascara! It's amazing :)