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1. Find out why you eat sugar. Do an experiment for a few days. Every time you eat sugar, ask yourself WHY. Are you hungry? Stressed? Bored? Once you get to the root of your sugar addiction, this is when you need to personalize your fight against it! 2. Have a reason to break away from sugar. If your reason to break your addiction is something that can be solved quickly (like weight, acne, etc) it most likely won’t last. Once the stress of your problem is gone that drive will be gone. You will return to your old habits and the cycle will repeat itself, on and on! Try to find a more long term, meaningful reason to break away from sugar! 3. Make it official If you don’t have an official plan, with someone to hold you accountable, you'll never reach your goal! Choose a starting date, and a friend to make sure you keep to your plan. Better yet, find someone who will team up with you so you can motivate each other! 4. Keep your blood levels stable. When you are hungry, you are more likely to crave and eat sugary foods. Plan out your meals and snacks ahead of time, or at least have convenient options of healthy food nearby. 5. Keep your immediate area sugar free. Temptation!!! Don’t allow any sweets in your home or on your work desk as you begin overcoming your addiction. Once you have more control over your cravings, you can decide if you can handle having sugar that close to you. Creating a temptation-free environment allows you to make healthy choices without the fight of will-power. 6. Don't fear sugar! Sugar isn’t good for you, but it sure can contribute to good memories when used in control and moderation. Plus, don't fear natural sugar. Eat your fruits and enjoy nature's candy! I like Kirtley Freckleton's advice: "Try to let go of any labels you have created for sugar, and simply see it as an equal to all other foods. Once it’s as boring as a carrot (not that they are boring…I just haven’t heard of anyone having a carrot addiction), and just like everything else, your brain may relax and just let it be for awhile."
(I have a carrot addiction)
@inthekitchen I'll trade you my carrots for your brussels sprouts.
I really like the last advice too!
Lol @inthekitchen, sometimes I think I do too^^ I totally agree with the tip about keeping sugar out of your house for a while. It really helps to get away from temptation.
I would love to know
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