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Don't be deceive by this floral pattern. It is fairly easy to create floral using abstract strokes. The trick is layering the color, manipulating the stroke size and blending. Materials needed: Base Color 2 Stem colors of your choice (this DIY uses blue-green and gold) 2 Floral Color (I'm using Pastel pink and orange) White Color (for blending) Instructions: 1. Start painting on a base color of your choice. This tutorial is using plum. 2. Apply the stem colors using light strokes. It doesn't have to be uniform because you will be layering florals over it. 3. Using the brush, paint the florals on the stem strokes. Try blending the colors with white to create an interesting floral effect. 4. Finally dab a dot on the floral with desire color.
Beautiful pattern. I don't have the patience to paint it. Time to call my sister up!
So pretty! I have a dress almost identical to this pattern, so I'll give it try. :)