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Great tips for how to tie-down your tent where you can't use traditional peg anchors to hold the tent in place. These are really helpful when you're camping somewhere with a lot of stone, rocky landscapes, or very windswept areas with no place for using the pegs. If you're going to be in an incredibly high wind area, you should instead use a chock. Also referred to as a nut, a chock is a metal wedge threaded on a wire that’s driven into cracks for safety and support. You can tie your tent’s pegging points and guy lines to the loop in the chock. Really, though, only use these in incredibly windy situations because they aren't necessary otherwise and can leave lasting marks on the landscape if you're not careful.
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@TrevorGoldley I'm not sure me or @yakwithalan want to know how a chock saved your butt.....
@yakwithalan Great find! I haven't set up in regions where I've need chocks in a long time; on ice I tend to do rocks!
Are chocks legal everywhere?
@fallingwater If it's legal to set up camp there, likely yes.
@yakwithalan Huh, interesting. I wasn't sure if there might be restrictions against using chocks will camping on rock formations/rocky ground that need to be kept in tact.