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- Shoe Insoles Soft, durable and over flowing with anti-bacterial properties, using these leaves as shoe insoles will give you some more comfort and also help heal blisters, eliminate foot odor and more. - Fishing If you've read Love in the Time of Cholera, you might know that you can use mullein to fish. If you put it in the water in a bit of a mash, it stuns fish, making them easy to catch en masse. Seriously, only do this if you REALLY need food. It's not dangerous to to people when cooked. - Paper Towels or Toilet Paper These soft, durable leaves are your go-to paper towel of the natural world! - Candle Wick Drip the flower stalk in something flammable — such as wax or fat from a roadkill animal, or maybe pine resin — and use it as a torch. I have seen this done, and it is awesome! - Tea Mullein tea provides vitamins B-2, B-5, B-12, and D, choline, hesperidin, PABA, sulfur, magnesium, mucilage, saponins, and other active substances. People use the tea as a beverage, but it's best known as one of the most effective cough medicines. Mullein is an expectorant, and a tonic for the lungs, mucus membranes, and glands. Strain the infusion through a cloth, or the hairs may get stuck in your throat and make you cough more. - Fire Tinder No matter how you're going to make fire, you need great tinder. The dried soft and fuzzy mullein leaves make a perfect tinder bundle. Because mullein stands straight and is often tall off the ground, its leaves are often dry when many other tinder materials are not. - Medicinal Benefits Mullein oils and dried buds are often used for ear infections, respiratory problems and more. You can use it as an oil, a tea, or smoke it, depending on the circumstances. Warning: Be careful not to confuse mullein with the toxic plant known as foxglove and lamb's ear. Enjoy your Mullein!
@fallingwater The very same Mullein! @yakwithalan I'm not sure of how long these affects would last. I don't think you'd be able to get a high enough concentration to cause problems. And, I wouldn't recommend doing it in the same lakes all the time, either
I'm not sure I'd advise putting Mullein in a lake or something to get fish, unless in a survival situation. you don't know how that's going to affect the whole area, do you? @treedweller
Is this that one that people sometimes smoke to help their coughing? I remember some of my uncles old neighbors doing that all the time lol....
@treedweller I've used it for napkins/TP but nothing else! Tea? Insoles?! That's genius. Do you have more tips like this? I think people would love them!!
@happyrock Have you ever tried anything like this?