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6 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights
One of the most common myths surrounding women’s fitness has to do with weight lifting. It’s shocking how many people still claim that women either shouldn’t lift weights at all or should only do so if they want to bulk up (Bulking would be hard for most women to do without serious supplements due things like low testosterone). Science has proven time and time again that when weight lifting is done right, women not only develop lean, toned bodies but also have an overall increase in physical and mental health. Lifting weights can also help with things like loose skin and building up areas like your butt or arms. If you’ve been struggling to reach your fitness goals and have hit a plateau or simply want to try something new, don’t write off weight lifting. Instead, check out some pros to lifting weights, here: http://bit.ly/1yXFBiT
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I lift weights lol called wood logs
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Lifting weights is incredibly important for keeping your muscles and bones healthy in old age. My grandma still lifts weights (albeit, small ones) and she's 81!
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That's good flymetothemoon.
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