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I work at an IT company, so I am sitting for a long time. I personally do not have much of a problem with this, but recently a lot of my coworkers have taken to putting boxes on their desks so that they stand while they work. I have now even started to see the rise of standing desks, so clearly there is a need for this. What I have heard my coworkers say is that sitting for so long is giving them backaches. I joked that it was because of their age, not the sitting, but these days, I am also starting to experience backaches (maybe I am getting up there in age too lol). The OfficeIQ is pretty incredible, though. It does not simply remind you of the times you need to stand up, rather based on your weight, goals, and personal time, it calculates when are the best times for you to stand up. So lets say that you want to burn 1,000 calories per day while at the office, the OfficeIQ will be able to tell you at what time you need to stand up, and for how long. This may not seem like a big revolutionary change, but I am pretty sure it will change the lives of many office workers. Well, at least those like my coworkers lol
@TechAtHeart I cant do those massage chairs. They scare the hell out of me lol
Wow this is pretty awesome. Now I just need a chair at my desk that massages my back lol.