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If you're a recreational hiker, a thru-hiker, or someone just mildly interested in hiking, you should check out this film "As it Happens: Pacific Crest Trail!" Two friends who met while hiking the AT on the east coast go on to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. They left the Mexican Border on May 5th and very slowly made it up the trail. They finally ended in Canada, in a lot of snow, on October 26th. And their journey is nearly unbelievable. Still, there are hundreds who have done this! This film is one of the best hiking documentaries I've watched. The combo of photography, film, music and comments given through are great, and one of the guys (Andy) composed all the music in the film. This film captures both the highs and lows of life on the trail, giving a beautiful taste of nature. Only wilderness can share such true beauty, holding the power to leave us in silent awe. Having never hiked so much in the west, these sights are awesome! Everyone who has made this journey deserves a round of applause!
It's great to see those who meet while hiking continuing to come together and hike somewhere else. Sometimes the people you meet on the trail are like no other friends you've encountered.
@treedweller Exactly! No matter the length or the trip, either.
@yakwithalan So true. Those you share a hobby like hiking or kayaking or pretty much anything where you have to rely on each other, away from it all, can be the closest friends you'll ever have.
Cool flick! I'll finish it this weekend.
I watched bits of this--just skimmed--and I love their energy. I don't love their poor planning at times (but I think they already knew that was a mistake). Either way, it's not about whether you finish or not but what you enjoy, like you said @happyrock!