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We had some great playlists last week guys, thanks once again to @jiggzy19 for the playlist challenge!! Remember if you have an idea for a playlist challenge send me a pm (private message) with your idea, and I will make sure to credit you in the post :) This weeks playlist challenge comes from our friend @nenegrint14 ^^ This weeks playlist challenge is.................. (Imagine that's a drumroll) Desire!!!! So that could be songs about wanting someone or something/ and or wanting someone or something that you can't have. (Or anything else that fits into the desire category) I know I'm gonna find this a little tough, and am going to spend a lot of time reading the english lyrics to songs XD Your playlist doesn't have to be just Kpop, but it does have to be asian pop (Jpop Mando-Pop ect.) :) Next weeks challenge comes from @Christy :) Remember to like and follow this collection, if you haven't already (and only if you want too XD) that way you won't miss anyone's playlists. Don't forget to tag me (@MattK95) and @nenegrint14 in your playlists :) @kpopandkimchi @Cryomorph @danidee @jiggzy19 @Christy @Aero2042 @sherrysahar @aabxo @Allyphernelia @callmekaren @chasinghapiness @SakuraBlossom96 @PassTheSuga @shashae5296 @honeysoo @nenegrint14 @cassandratomas7 Feel free to challenge your friends by tagging them in the comments :) Even if I didn't tag you feel free to go ahead and make a playlist, and to those I did tag, please don't feel obligated to do this if you don't want too, or are too busy :) Have a great week everyone!!! Thanks for reading <3
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oooh this play list will take long time to prepare can't wait ur playlists u all
I'm in I'm in!!
Haha @MattK95 well hopefully everyone will have fun with it
This is gonna take a while, but I'm so in! :)