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News came down this weekend that Swansea and Manchester City have agreed a deal that will take Wilfred Bony to the blue side of Manchester. After much speculation on the price, it can be revealed that Manchester City have agreed to pay £28 million to Swansea for the Ivory Coast striker. The move comes to help bolster Man City's attack despite the fact that Bony is at the Africa Cup of Nations tournament until the end of the month. It will certainly help City but Swansea now have a huge gap to fill as Bony was arguably his best played and even indicated his interest in staying in Wales before Swansea turn around and sold him.
@CitySarajevo Not preferred but they have done it before with Dzeko and Aguero, but the two aren't best at being that dynamic since their both used to being the target man. In this case Bony's no solution to be fair but they can play a more adept 4-3-3 with the three if they choose, still puting Nasri and Silva in the midfield with Milner or Lampard more central holding. That REALLY plays to their strengths in midfield then.
@Spudsy2061 City play two strikers? No.
@CitySarajevo Well with Aguero fit he's the obvious starter. Dzeko's a confident striker but with him still injured that's where Bony would come in but now he's at the ACON soooo yeah. Dzeko and Bony will fight for #2 striker. That's not saying City won't switch to say, a 4-3-3 or a 4-4-2 and play both, particularly Bony up front with Aguero but time will tell.
@Spudsy2061 Both but I want him to play, I want him to start. I don't think he will cause City have Aguero.
@CitySarajevo What with the injury concern or the playing time?
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