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Rémi Gaillard, the famed French prankster, pulled a great prank on a few cyclists. Rémi has a bit of an outrageous style of humor, challenging public norms and sometimes making people feel a bit uncomfortable. In this sketch he waited for cyclists on a local mountain somewhere in France. When the cyclists neared the top he would shout at them in a follow car as if the cyclists was leading the race of a Grand Tour. When the cyclists hits the apex of the climb they are met with an enormous crowd of cheering fans. Of course the cyclists are completely confused. I'd like to think they understood quickly that it was a prank and enjoyed the moment. That's what I would have done at least!
I would love it if someone did this for me, it would pump me up! Hahahaha
@AnthonyB @TeamWaffles Glad you like it, I think this clip has been around for awhile but I always seem to forget about it
I'm dying, this is just too funny