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This is one type of project that I've always wanted to do but always was hesitant to start. This guy posted his absolutely beautiful rebuild of a 1994 Giant Perigee. This Giant wasn't particularly pretty to start with, the componentry and accessories were garbage and the paint scheme was not very pretty. Taking inspiration from the Giant Propel SL 1 (a $8,500 bike) he slapped on some nice components and custom painted this bike. I think it is one of the nicest rebuilds I have ever seen!
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Unbelievable, somebody went all out. I would love to build something up like this.
My bike ended up all over the internet! It was a real process, especially hand stripping and prepping the steel. But, it gave me a gave appreciation for steel as a frame medium, and now my new dream bike is the one I built. Great feeling.
@BikeSnob Same here
Beauty. I've seen this sort of thing done with other manufactures but never a Giant.
@TeamWaffles Maybe we will see a resurgence in old frames because more people are modernizing them. That would be cool.
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