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Bengal Cats! Oh the games these little miniature leopards love to play!
I need to go play with a bengal cat now and see how it goes. Bengals and Russian Blues are my two favorites. I always wanted to get a Russian Blue and name it Merlin and tell everyone it's my pet wizard that prefer cat form when there's guests around.
Bengals are actually great cats if you are allergic to cats. Since they are part leopard and an important part of their breeding is to retain the leopard's exotic coat, F3 and F4 Bengals usually have a shiny, oily looking coat. There's a water-proofing of sorts built int the the shafts of their fur since the Asian Leopard is a tropical animal. For instance, Zephyr lives the bathtub and playing in small amounts of water (2-3 inches of warm bath water) - I have a friend with a Bengal - that cat loves to swim in their heated swimming pool. Anyway - these features make the Bengal very different from regular domestic cats. All cats produce dander - the allergy-friendly ones just produce far less than a typical breed. Of the cats I have Zeph is the one that doesn't shed. Ever. You can run a brush through his coat and it comes away clean. There are Bengal breeders that claim they are allergy free - but sincerely they are not. They are just much less likely to cause an allergy reaction. There are plenty of documented cases of people with cat allergies getting Bengals and having no reaction - which is why some breeders are comfortable making this claim.
So funny. I always wanted a bengal cat, but I'm super allergic. I just love their spots and how they sort of look like wildcats.
Cats whether big or small n all in d family is when they play, They Play !! ouch!