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Got Hit By a Car And The Driver Snapped My Board -_-
What A Way to Start The New Year lol So Im Riding at About 10-15Mph i was Getting Ready to build speed and bomb a hill but to many cars where behind me not to mention i had no Helmet so cool i got on the side walk and continued and as im riding to come to an intersection im slowing down and i see him and theirs a stop sign . he stops so i continue going and turned in front of his car . come to find out he didnt look to his left and Bam hits my back leg/Pushing Leg and i go stumbling and SNAP!!! -_- ..... at least on the bright side Im Getting a New Longboard for #2015 Hopefully This year I Can Kick it up a Notch Including With My Video's on My Youtube Channel SUBSCRIBE :) Would Love the Feedback www.YouTube.com/TacticalTunic4 Twitter : @JoHnLongboard_
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R.I.P. drop though. Hey, atleast you didn't get ran over yourself or something. knock in wood
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(This is completely theoretical) How fucking great would it be to get hit by someone, very similar to your situation, to where your deck snapped but you weren't injured, just maybe got bumped by the car and fell over but not injured at all. And the person that hit you felt so bad or was so sorry and probably greatful that you weren't injured, that they compensated you. With like a new deck, or just like $150, not because the law required, but just because they were sorry and compassionate towards your situation. That is a world I want to live in!
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I've heard of things like that @ThtYoungElwoodJ you just have to get extremely lucky
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Woah he hit YOU and that's the big picture! Thank your guardian angel! I guess it's time to cut and screw and salvage that deck!
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don't be a kook
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