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It’s incredible how many causes there can be of an annoying creak in your drivetrain. Chainrings, bottom brackets, pedals, cleats, and even your derailleur hanger can be the cause of your problem. The guys at GCN go through a lot of points that should solve the majority of problems that cause the awful creaks and squeaks. If you are anything like me, you'll want to get rid of creaks as soon as possible. They are awful!
The #1 worst problem ever, a squeaky BB.
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@troygreene84 Totally agree. @BikeSnob Thanks for sharing the video, good advice here.
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@troygreene84 2nd that
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@TeamWaffles #2 worst problem, getting stuck out on a ride without an extra tube. LOL!
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loose Cassettes also can cause creaks and squeaks in the drivetrain and quick release not tighten properly.
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