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G'day everyone! So before Christmas, as I was buying gifts at the mall, I happened to stop by in L.A. Girl store since a saleslady dragged me in telling that they have a Christmas sale. Well, who refuses sale? Haha. So yeah, I was looking at their make-ups when I see this pretty shade called Demure (GLC543). I bought this one on Php299.00 or USD6.65. You can see the swatches in the photos above. The last picture is kinda dark because I took it at around 6pm. My apologies. Pros: -Pretty cheap -Nice pink shade with a hint of orange, perfect for everyday simple makeup look. -Very creamy indeed. Doesn't dry my lips at all. -The container is pretty neat for me. The cap doesn't easily took off unlike in some lipsticks. Cons: -It has a smell. Like a scent in ballpens (there are some ballpens that have somewhat "perfume" smell). But I can live with it. -Contains paraben. Yeah. So if you're ingredient sensitive, this is not for you. As for me, I put lipbalm first before applying this lippie. Final Verdict: 3/5. This is a must-try but not my HG kind of lippie. I like it though. I use it whenever I go to school to have that my-lips-but-better look. It compliments on my skin tone so it kinda looked natural. What do you think? Share your thoughts! Over and out!
@CuteSpy Perfect! I live in the US, so it won't be a problem getting it ship to me. I'll definitely try the glazed lip paint you suggested. Sounds like you really like it and it also fits my budget. :)
I'm glad that you liked it @stargaze. It's a brand in USA, not that popular (I guess) but it started to enter the Philippine market. I recommend Glazed Lip Paints (same brand). I tested it out at the mall and it feels so cool on my lips. It's like a menthol lip paint. The good part is, if you swipe it once, it gives you a matte finish, but if you want a glossy one, you need to swipe it again. It is so cool, really. But, as a student, I am also in tight budget so I bought this one first. I'm going back for that lip paint tho. Haha. ^_^
I can never refuse a good sale! Though I'm trying to limit my weekly spending to monthly. Anyways, I love this review. I never heard of this brand before but I'm obsessed with lip products, so I might give this a try since you mention it's creamy. Moisturizing lipsticks is a go-go for me! Again, thanks for the thorough review! Looking forward to more of your cards. :)