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If you're in class or the office for the whole day you want to make sure your makeup last. This means smudge-free eyeliner and non-oily skin. If your makeup is loosing it's freshness by afternoon, you may find these tips helpful. 1. Invest in waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Just in case you rub your eyes in the middle of a meeting, You do not want to leave the room looking like a panda. 2. Don't skip the primer. A good foundation primer is helps even out skin tone and keeps your base foundation smooth all day. Certain primers also keeps oily and shiny skin at bay and moisturize dry skin. If you have natural redness, use a primer with a slight tint to it. 3. Keep your hands off your face. This will improve your complexion in the long term. Avoiding touching your face to keep oil and germs that can lead to future breakouts away from your skin. 4. Get in the habit of keeping a small makeup pouch in your bag. Pack the essentials (concealer, eyedrops, lipstick, and cream blush) for quick touch ups. If you need to freshen up your makeup use a face mist to immediate brighten up your complexion.
I find that a combination of primer and setting spray makes your makeup last longer.
thia was helpful
I can't live without my face mist. It keeps me awake during work and it immediately brighten my dull face throughout the day.
I hardly put on makeup, but when I love using primer. It makes foundation application much smoother.
@stargaze, you won't regret it. This card and its tips are real good but my combination has been working for me and since my routine is working, I have no reason to change it.
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