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finished my edit

hey guys just dropped my first full edit, its a little short but i think its good enough to get a sponsor hopefully, please view it and share it if you like the edit:) Downhil Freeride edit: http://youtu.be/6eY9FOd1bP0 for best quality view on Computer
@JaydenWashabaug it's cool that you respect your father enough to do that buddy :)
thanks! and I know I kinda have to cause my dad is super religious and will not let me buy music that cusses lol I wouldnt have cut them out but he watches my videos and he hates that when I listen to it @steezus
Nice, my parents were the same way for awhile but they're kinda chill now @JaydenWashabaug
Beautiful standies! and of course beautiful Big Bear! C: miss it up there
No problem. I thought it was really funny when you hit that snowbank. and props for railing those wet corners!
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