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Working backstage at the Topp Dogg concert
A representative from Jazzy Group (the company responsible for bringing topp dogg here) sent me and a few others a message saying we were selected to be volunteers at the Topp Dogg concert in houston. this would be a great opportunity but they say that I will to busy backstage to be able to enjoy the concert (I guess I will be a staff assistant) if I didnt buy my vip ticket earlier today I would have took this opportunity! maybe next time! 2015 is starting off great. I would have gained some inside experience with this offer ^^
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Whoa that is awesome! You'll have a better time doing VIP but you should try to volunteer if a group comes that you aren't super interested in. Wow!
I love volunteering for different events I'm really excited about. I don't know why, but I get sort of addicted to being behind the scenes.