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Minnesota has come into the news once again to discuss whether or not to repeal Sunday Sales laws that prohibit liquor sales (as well as a few other things like motor vehicles) on Sundays. Minnesota isn't the only state with these laws: as of ____ all couldn't sell liquor on Sundays, sometimes with a few minor exceptions. Some states allow for the sale of 3.2 beer (explain what that is) after a certain time on Sundays, but liquor is often restricted to liquor stores regardless of the day of the week. Now, these laws just seem nonsensical in today's day and age. Originally, blue laws started for religious reasons, mostly to support the observance of a day of worship or rest. Though religious laws of this nature have all but been wiped out in the USA, some blue laws still exist, because they have been fought for using secular rationales. Some states have very strict laws in certain counties (looking at you New Jersey) and in general it just makes me ask: why? This, for me, is not an issue of whether or not alcohol should be sold on a Sunday (or any other day, really, as many practicing religions that are against alcohol worship not on Sundays, but on Saturdays). But an issue of old, relics of laws still causing unnecessary bureaucracy to slowly plod its way through! Why haven't more states lifted these bans and let retailers/communities decide what works best for their stores and their community? Regardless of if these establishments are being opened on Sundays, individual cities are still the ones that issue the sales-related permits. So, if the local city council doesn't want Sunday sales because it will hurt the towns budget, then don't allow it. Does your area still suffer from Blue Laws? What do you think of them?
@amog32 That makes sense. It shouldn't be set one way or another, rather up to the local community or business.
@greggr Well, it gets complicated. It would, but not so much that it should affect them enough to not open, unless every store owner is a terrible business owner. Really, though, owners should ideally be allowed to make the choice, open or closed. I'm sure some want to open, while others do not.
We don't have any of these laws left (at least, none that affect me) but I can see why some would oppose their repealing: would it not cause more overhead to need to open sunday as well, we then theoretically are getting the same amount if business in 1 less day?