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01. 데자-부 (Deja-Boo) (Feat. Zion.T) 02. Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) (Feat. 아이언) 03. 할렐루야 (Hallelujah) 04. Love Belt (Feat. 윤하) 05. NEON 06. 일인극 (MONO-Drama) 07. 시간이 늦었어 (Beautiful Tonight) 01. Okay so I am completely obsessed with Zion.T and when I heard that he would be on this record I just about passed out. Granted, all Zion.T needs to do is say 'doop' in this song and I'm dead, so let's forget about him for a moment. Zion.T removed, this song is such a great way to start off the mini album. It shows that it is perfect mix of an R&B and dance record, and it DEFINITELY isn't a ballad record which is what I feared. Maybe my favorite song off the album. 02. Proof that there are certain notes that only Jonghyun can hit. This has an incredibly catchy beat, but I don't think this is going to be some legendary track. I love the piano in this though! 03. I really wanted to get into this song, but I felt like it didn't really have a beginning or an end? I wanted there to be more build up and instead the song just sort of started out of nowhere? 04. This sounds like something I could take a nap listening to when I am outside in the summer. It has a really relaxing beat and a great chorus. 05. I was expecting to hear Zion.T come out at some point in this track too, it has his style written all over it! The snap and clap track makes this song really interesting, but also a little crowded. I would love to hear this song acoustic and without all those extra tracks laid over his perfect vocals. 06. This reminds me of something off of SHINee World - still one of my favorite Kpop albums of all time. This might be my third favorite song after both singles. 07.This was clearly a track that was meant to wrap up the album and it did pretty well. By itself its a boring track, but fit in with the album it does its job. All together I only will listen to 3 of these 7 songs ever again, but those three are really great!
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I reeeeally love the two songs he's promoting! I don't really love any of the others but I'm obsessed with Crazy!