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Can't find a rug pattern that suits your home interior? Here's a an easy solution: make your own. What you need to get started: - solid color rug - fabric paint (2 colors) - paintbrushes - printable stencil template - cardboard - Sharpie pen - measuring tape - scissors Steps: 1. Print and cut out a stencil template of your choice, then trace it onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out. 2. Measure your rug to determine where to paint. Use a Sharpie pen to trace the cardboard template onto your rug. Repeat until you’ve traced all of your patterns. 3. Using your first fabric paint color, outline the inside of each pattern, making sure you cover your Sharpie marks. Let dry. 4. Outline the painted line with your second fabric paint color. Let dry. Voilà!
Very cool! I'd be so worried about messing up but this would be a cool way to jazz up a dorm room without spending too much
Wow! Never thought about painting a rug! Very legit man. It would totally brighten up my room. Thanks :)
This would be a cool front door mat. I just wonder how long the paint will last.