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01. 화 (feat. 진실 Of Mad Soul Child) 02. 커피카피아가씨 03. 콩 (feat. 주영) 04. 꽃 (feat. Justhis) 05. Population Control (feat. Paloalto, Justhis, G2) 06. 때려박는 랩 (Bonus Track) 01. I LOVE the music track in the back. My feet were tapping immediately and his rap fell into the rhythm perfectly. I'm always a sucker for a hip hop track with a female vocal for the hook. 02. I wasn't feeling it until that crazy chorus came up with a "Hey Mickey" feel to it. The track is a little annoying but then it gets really catchy and probably won't leave your head for a few hours... 03. If you're going to listen to one song on this album, listen to this one. It is one of those rap songs that you have to listen to in the middle of the night looking out a window. Without even talking about the lyrics, the music itself forces you to reminisce on, what? I found myself trying to draw up memories of heartbreak that I haven't even experienced. 04. This is my favorite kind of R&B song - heavy on the piano and soft vocals. Behind track three, this might be my favorite. I immediately feel at ease. 05. One second in and the beat HAD me. I am obsessed. Seriously, obsessed, this has been on repeat since I discovered it. I can't even describe this in words - just please God listen to this. 06. A bonus track just in case you were wondering if Mad Clown could throw it down...
#3 is my favorite track on the album too!! Jooyoung is amazing.
He is an amazing rapper and sort of looks like taeil of block b's twin