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Rothko was one of the most popular abstract expressionists of all time. Later in life Rothko became most well known for his 'multiforms'. I am sure you have seen his painting before, they use parallel rectangular blocks of two or three opposing or contracting, yet complementary colors. Very similarly, Grant Hamilton uses the artistic medium of photography to create these minimalistic color "multiforms" with polaroid film. These beautiful abstract images all come from an SX-70 polaroid from found objects and colors. Grant is inspired by the process of development and its immediacy. "When I carry my Polaroid, I can transform the ethereal into the tangible. That is magic." Grant's sharp eye for detail, form, and color shows itself brilliantly through his work. Creating these beautiful images from objects and scene from everyday life, hidden in plain sight, is just amazing!
This is a really smart series. I love how he's been able to reduce everything down to a pure abstraction, even if contextually you get little visual cues as to what that object might be.
I really love the 10th image. I feel like that's a view I might see every day, and not realize how nice the color blocking is and how it can be manipulated.