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Somehow, somewhere, a version of Tetris had a botched launch. A French revolutionary's faceflesh slid away from their hair and teeth. A beloved multiplayer console FPS became a hated multiplayer FPS console FPS. What could be causing this terrible lapse of responsible and polished game releases? Is it that publishing studies giving their developers strict launch dates that they can't reach? Or is it that consumers today are not savvy in their buying habits and are accepting a poorly made product. Whatever the reason, their is a possibility it will get worse before it gets better. My advice, don't preorder. Wait a week at least for people to give honest reviews of the game and judge your decision based on the reviews.
@TeamWaffles I definitely agree! There's just no reason for games to be released without them being truly completed.
@timetunrerjones I'd rather a game be delayed then released a buggy mess. In my eyes the delayed release date is closer to a realistic development time then the initial release date set by the production house
I'm totally putting it on the developers. Who doesn't more thoroughly test their games?! I'm hoping companies that have delayed their games (I dont' feel the need to name names lol) are doing so in order to prevent these issues. It's getting ridiculous.