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Obviously all face shapes are different & that means not all hairstyles are great for everyone. Blunt bangs should be the focus of your hair. Don't make the rest of your hair crazy or overdone because it will look like too much! Don't let it overwhelm your face by pushing to the side a tiny bit instead of straight across. It adds dimension to the face.
Bangs definitely don't work for my face shape but I love the way this style works on you!
I have blunt bangs too, and I love them! They make me feel a little retro and creative, especially since my hair is black too!
I haven't had bangs since I was little but I really am thinking of getting them back :)
@galinda thank you hun! I would say every face shape has different structure and angles so different hairstyles for different faces is a must!
@Sjeanyoon You should! They are a great way to change up the face. 馃槉 @danidee @danidee Amazing! We are basically twins! lol