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I may have to disagree as well :) Relationahip doesnt only describe the romantic relationship but... also the family relationahip, friendships, etc... N I think that as a human being, we do need relationship! ^_^
I agree with you there, @Pluvia2015 in that we need interactions and relationships in our daily lives. I think this speaks more to someone that NEEDS a relationship in order to feel complete and happy. If a person feels whole as an individual person, and can be happy in their own skins, then they're ready to share their completeness with another person. Is someone is dependent on someone else to be happy, they're focused on the wrong thing and will find it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship. Thoughts? @Heartofgold35 Tell me why you disagree.
I have no further saying to this :D
I disagree because I feel comfortable in my own skin, yet do need a relationship but find it difficult to actually find the right person. Just like relationships are different so are situations as well as people.
@DanWest I totally see your point but @Pluvia2015 and @Heartofgold35 's points too lol. I think it comes down to A) being comfortable on your own but that doesn't have to necessarily mean B) staying alone aka without relationships! I think depending on your personality, you might need to have a relationship in order to be comfortable on your own? Does that make sense?