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Recently @KaitlynnJanae asked people to post their favorite piece of poetry, and I hesitated. Because I'm not one to necessarily read a lot of poetry outside what is written in the poetry Community here; I learn towards spoken word and I like so much of that I didn't know where to begin. But today I came across this video of three girls fearlessly sharing their thoughts, through spoken word poetry, about the problems with America. The poem is titled "Somewhere in America." The problems not with what our school teaches through class, but what it teaches through silence. Why do we ignore our past? Why do we refuse to confront the real issues? Why do we insist on living in a world full of hate and lies and racism? These are all questions asked in this seriously powerful piece. There might be some flawed logic in this piece, but there is strong symbolism that means more than that. The point is the inconsistencies the messages we are sending and the choices we are making for our youth. I applaud these three girls -- Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin, and Zariya Allen -- for standing up for something they believe in. With more people like them, we will live a better tomorrow. I'm going to go ahead and say that this, right now in this moment, this is my favorite piece of poetry. What do you think of their message?
@greggr @KaitlynnJanae @hikaymm So glad you all liked it! It is just so powerful.
This is pretty awesome!! For some reason I felt completely on edge throughout....the changes in who was speaking/how many of them were speaking really made the impact of different words and phrases more/less effective at times. Very, very cool indeed
that was amazing! thank you for sharing :) this was really great.
Wow! What voices; what bravery! While I won't analyze every word of what was said, I will say that this is what spoken poetry is all about. Taking an idea and slamming it out into the world!