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Here's a fun little prompt to start the week! January 12, 2015 Write a segment from a newspaper of a reporter interviewing Hades on his thoughts on Underworld overpopulation.
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@greggr Yes, go for it!
@chiaroscuro Thank you kindly!
I can't get past a few sentences for this one, so I'll just share it here: "Absolutely despicable, it is," Hades said as he pulled the door to the waiting room open. "The longer they sit here, the longer it takes me to sort them into the proper place. The more that come here, the more fun it becomes for them! They sit here, waiting, fighting, playing cards, laughing and singing and I can hardly take it for one day longer. This must be fixed. The Underworld is not a game." Lol ;_; not very good but! I just wanted to give it a quick go :)
@hikaymm Lol! I can tell you did it really quickly but I like the idea of him being mad people can't get in and get tortured fast enough haha