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looks like Original Team rider Tom Weiss took the win this year! And with the crown of Kona, comes this Rayne Catalyst! (I believe it is) This all literally happened yesterday right here in good ole' Florida :D I'm only 2-3 hours drive away from Jacksonville where the beautiful Kona Skatepark resides. Plus me and the owner have the same last name Lmao so I can say I'm his long lost nephew or something and get free admission haha!
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Yeah man. I just think it would be great to watch. I'm more downhill trying to dabble in the park, but I think I would still have fun. especially if there are any races
Heck yeah! @KTM2014 the park is so big you can practically do anything!
sick. I would definitely get together little dollar races or something. That would be fun!!!
I love kona
Damn there are NO events in utah. Or anywhere remotely close. I have to fly places if I wanna go to events.