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You might have heard of fried twinkies, fried snickers, or fried twix bars, and wondered why in the world (I'm guessing they wanted to find a better way to get heart attack than eating burgers). But have you heard of "Fried Banana"? I know. It may sound weird, because banana is considered to be a healthy and fresh fruit. Also, most people rather enjoy it cold in a smoothie, a bowl of cereal, and an ice cream dessert(banana split). Whatever people may think, these batter-fried bananas is a very popular snack in Asian cuisine. Crispy outside and soft inside, ripe bananas are batter-fried in hot oil and eaten warm drizzled with honey or coated in brown sugar. When paired with a scoop of mango or coconut ice cream, it's a tasty bomb! A very simple recipe to try for anyone. Preparation Time: 7 mins Cooking Time: 10 mins Makes 4 serves [Ingredients] To be mixed into a smooth batter: 4 tbsp of self raising flour 4tbsp of rice flour (chawal ka atta) 1 tbsp of corn flour 2 pinches of salt 1/2 cup of water Other Ingredients: 4 riped bananas, peeles and cut into halves Oil for deep frying 2 tbsp of brown sugar For serving: Coconut or mango ice cream [Method] 1. Heat the oil in a cooking pot. 2. Dip the banana pieces in the batter till evenly coated. 3. Deep-fry a few at a time till they turn golden brown in colour from all the sides. 4. Roll each piece in brown sugar till it is evenly coated from all the sides. 5. Serve immediately with coconut or mango ice-cream.
Let's just fry all the fruits.
@MattK95 pineapple rings sound delicious!
Seriously bro, this look fine!
For sure @MattK95! Thx!
@MattK95 Fried pineapple? That sounds crazier than my fried banana! But it does sound good :)
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