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Uncontent The Tide ~ D. James Breaux

Occasion for joy is within our momentary grasp
The option always in reach
Ever so close
Happiness a breath away

If only, with good fortune, we could truly find it
And commission its strength into our employ
And harness its rested light for our weary path

But elusive, it reigns
Holding royal office
Declaring its reluctance
Its demands are simple
To never be found

A troublesome task to carry out
Tracking down Happiness
So we travel light, artlessly, without care
Giving chase to treasures in vain

Prospecting is futile when the reward lies in wait
Close, never far, or hard to find
Within our momentary grasp
Abundant in amount
Endless in measure

Happiness escapes us nonetheless

Despite our hearts strong yearning for it
It forever plays hide and seek
Coming and going as it pleases
And like an apparition
The eyes of our inner ghost cannot see it

Sightless, with industrious pride
We pack it away in our brilliant boxes
And make ourselves immune to it
Until, with subtlety it fades

And fragile, it goes away

Somehow, somewhere along the weariest path
We don't remember when
Our vision became clouded
Our feelings quickened
Our seconds rushed
And with its sweet nectar of life still on our lips
Happiness faded

Fragile, it went away

We must hunt now
Hungering for the thing which vanished
Keeping watch for any sign of it
The longer we go without recognizing it
The harder it becomes to recall its sweetness
Would that we advance quickly
Longing desperately for the lost commodity’s kiss
We search

Lest our senses dull
Unable to remember the simplest of splendors
Grandest of moments
Ones we ignored and paid no heed
As though they were never real, lacking
any worth

Fragile, they went away

We want them back

Embracing the sunbeam's warmth
On a cold winter morning
Snowflakes crashing pleasantly
Onto smiling cheeks
With closed eyes pointing upward

The whiff of the wildflower
In the gentle meadow of spring

Salty air from ocean waves crashing
While spirited seagulls make vocal their thoughts
And expeditious sandpipers hold competition sprints
Across the wet sand

Or rain on the grass
Dandelions in summer

Admirable birds and their dawn symphony of surprise
Leaves floating over rocks
Pebbles being washed by a brisk stream or creek or brook
The wind hissing through branches....a mild storm approaching

The constant sound of crickets late
Quieted by the subdued moon’s glow
Blanketed by stars twinkling....listen

Joy's silken refrain
Never more magnificent
Once so basic, now so impossible to conjure
Lost in a forgotten dream

We feel our way through a forsaken fog
In a misplaced forest of sleepy despair
Longing only to feel content
Dreaming of a sunbeam's kiss

But we awaken to clouds
Their countenance heavy
Their darkness cold
We can outrun them and hide
At the forest edge just before the sun
Where Vanity pretends they don't exist

Cautioned by the wind merchant, we set sail
Risking the proposition
On a course to trip the light fantastic
We became consignee to a fake bill of goods.

We tempted Fate and became worn
And now we are resigned to defeat
Smiling, Fate snares us with its deviant undertow
Swiftly dragging our brokenness
To the burial sea of abandoned hope

We determine to survive the consequence
Glancing back in regret
Settling for the content
Abandoning the happy
As if there were nothing more

But there is

The dawn of a new day brings a gift of renewal
Sealed by the sunbeam's kiss

And with sweetness and grace
The new sunrise heralds the brilliant box
So we can reveal its contents

And that thing which vanished
The lost commodity
Can restore its residency

And we can have happiness

Once again


Author Notes

#NeverResistTheUrgeToBeHappy ~ The inspiration for Uncontent is borne out of the human heart’s constant craving for real, ultimate, lasting happiness. Or even to discover its true meaning. We trick ourselves into thinking it's hard to find. The irony is, it's closer and easier than we think.

Imagery runs wild and free ~ i.e. the “brilliant box' symbolizes the human heart. The turns are quick and bold, taking no prisoners. And I wanted the reader to feel a spectrum of emotion from good to worse and back again. Hopefully I've done that.

Always just a moment away, right before our eyes, and the happiness deficit still remains large. It's just that we can't see it because we're too wrapped up in our hurried lives, blinded by the world around us. After all, it doesn’t take much effort to just stop, close your eyes for a second, breath, open them again, and then think happy and good thoughts. Attitude is everything and we can control our destiny with positive vibes.

Like the song says, Just Be Happy, because it’s paramount to our outlook on life regardless of what adversities we may face or what mountains we have to climb. We have the strength and ability to just be happy because it's supernaturally built into the core of our know, the basic desire for good over bad.

♡ In the beginning we start with how easy it is to actually possess happiness. The word is capitalized throughout the text in order to give it life and personify it with a position of stature, giving proper credence to its prominent role as a key player on the stage of life. Similarly, actions and characteristics consistent with personality are attributed to Vanity and Fate.

♡ Next comes the matter of....okay fine, then why is it so hard to find? Addressing the matter from the standpoint it really is ‘elusive’; a practical conclusion is reached that it really isn’t. It’s just us. Happiness is elusive because we make it that way when our lives move too fast and we take it for granted. When we never take time to stop and smell the roses, we eventually forget their sweetness. Next thing you know, we forget how to experience the simple things in life, those little things that bring us joy. And before we know it, happiness fades. Gone. Arrivederci. Goodbye. Or so it would seem.

♡ We then conclude that achieving true happiness is way too much trouble, because we’ve got more important matters on our agenda, and it’s not all that significant in the grand scheme of things ~ of course I’m happy, leave me alone, stop being ridiculous, besides happiness is overrated ~ becomes the mantra. So we shed the burden and ‘travel light’, preoccupied with the rat race. And since we're traveling at light speed, we can’t sense its diminishing presence in our life. Oblivious to the notion it could actually be gone, we put life on autopilot and keep on cruising. We spend all our time chasing down things that don't matter, ‘in vain’. Until one day our seemingly ordered life takes a sudden, unexpected turn ~ as life sometimes does ~ and our world is torn apart by tragedy or illness and the skies come crashing down. Amid the chaos, we begin to wonder if we were ever really happy in the first place.

♡ The 'brilliant box' represents our heart. Somewhere down the line it got jaded.

♡ By now we’re completely immune to the possibility that happiness never actually left the building. We only think it has because we're too busy to notice it right before our eyes. Always within our reach, ‘within our momentary grasp’. Happiness didn’t change, we did. It’s still right where we left it. But our perception, the way we view it has changed, falsely making it appear elusive. An optical illusion that only requires a closer look.

♡ The next observation finds us in a place of desperation with the sudden realization that we are indeed, unhappy. Or so we think. The optical illusion has dulled our senses and we now place much emphasis on the ‘simplest of splendors’ we took for granted, ‘Ones we ignored and paid no heed’ to. Like ‘Dandelions in summer’ or ‘Admirable birds and their dawn symphony of surprise’. We decide Happiness is indeed a precious commodity

♡ We’re then encountered wandering hopelessly ‘through a forsaken fog’. The forest represents a dark season in our life when clouds set in and struggles mount. But, in denial, our pride and Vanity tells us everything's okay.

♡ We then reach a point in life where we’ve made some poor decisions and maybe a few costly mistakes along the way. The ‘wind merchant’ is our instinct. We should have listened to its warning, telling us which way the wind blows ~ ‘Cautioned by the wind merchant’ ~ but we ignored the cautionary advice to slow the pace, and ‘we set sail’ on a collision course with Fate. ‘Risking the proposition’ we threw caution to the wind, and proceeded full steam ahead, often running into a brick walls in life, often falling flat our face. We never trusted our instincts to “not do that”, and without proper planning and execution we fell victim to our aggressive actions. Chasing the sun with wild eyed schemes and uncalculated dreams, we thought we could ‘trip the light fantastic’. But we rushed through life's contract without reading the fine print. We bit off more than we could chew and became 'consignee to a fake bill of goods' which represents our tendency toward success at any cost. What we thought was real and what we thought was good, noble and just, was not the best thing for us. Deception is not such a good deal after all. We tempted Fate and suffered the consequences. It kicked our collective butts.

♡ In the end, we seem destined to a state of misery. Reduced to final defeat, we’re dragged out to a 'burial sea of abandoned hope'.

♡ We’ve become ‘worn’ on the brink of giving up. Forget being happy, ever. We'll settle for just being content. To just live life. Survival. It’s enough to keep us in tact emotionally. Somehow we’ll get by, because that’s all there is, ‘there’s nothing more’.

♡ But wait….what’s that glimmer of hope shining in the distance, ’a sunbeam’s kiss’. In the storms of life, we’d forgotten there's always room for second chances and new beginnings ~ 'a gift of renewal'. Soften our heart and open it up to the possibilities of each new day. There’s always that.

♡ Then at last we recall that little thing about true happiness is never far away. So we set out to stop hiding from it, ignoring it, taking it for granted. Embracing it with gentleness and respect, as the precious commodity and the necessary life force which sustains our survival....we longingly and lovingly let it back 'restore its residency’ in our heart....the "brilliant box"....and we are Happy. Once again.

Thank You for reading,
~D James Breaux
@chiaroscuro, @hikaymm, @greggr, @timeturnerjones, YOU = Awesome. ME = Grateful.
Now this!!! This is just what I wanted to read today. You wonder why I am constantly impressed by you, but it's really not just the writing. @greggr is right when he said you succeed at taking your readers on a journey, and also with giving us a lot to think about--even if we don't always know what it means. Great work. I won't soon forget these words.
I remember seeing your video version of this piece quite a while ago. And while I was intrigued by it, I have to say that I like this version better. The video version, certainly, does something original and interesting and makes me think, but because your words already provide such abstract visualizations while sending my mind on a journey, it's enough. I'm already there, and traveling through the world your words create! Thank you for sharing it with us once again in this light.
This is seriously amazing. Thank you for sharing it, and thank you for the wonderful Author's Note. I don't love the author's note because it explains to me how I should interpret it, but rather, I love it as a writer. Because by seeing how you interpret and meant what you wrote, I'm able to come to some ideas about how I could use language as well (for instance, I love that you capitalized a word throughout to give it life. That's genius). It really shows that as writers, even when our subtitles are not explained, they must be considered and given the proper attention to do all the work language can possibly do. Thank you for the inspiration!
That was amazing
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