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Tucked away in the Newington district of Edinburgh is the Auld Hoose, which stands as an unassuming standard pub on the outside, but on the inside is actually home to one of the best vegan fare destinations in Scotland. Where else can you try vegan haggis or a full Scottish-style breakfast, complete with veggie sausages, baked beans, and hash browns? The Auld Hoose also often brags about being home to the largest portions of nachos in Edinburgh, which can also be made with an assortment of vegan and vegetarian toppings, including vegan cheese! (Order the Hoose Gigantic Nachos, and you'll easily need to split it with at least four or five people.) The pub also offers a wide assortment of ales, often offering a 'guest craftbrew' that changes frequently. Head to the jukebox and choose from the greatest alt-rock, goth, and punk from the last thirty years - and basically any song Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat/Fugazi has ever touched. To visit the Auld Hoose, find them at the following address, where they're open from noon to midnight all week: The Auld Hoose 23-25 St Leonard's Street Edinburgh EH8 9QN
Did I hear "largest portions of nachos?!"
I can honestly say I've never had haggis..vegan or otherwise!
@GetFitwithAmy Neither have I, but my sister was determined to find vegan haggis while she was in Scotland, and it was actually quite good!