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so excited i know a few of you ordered one what items did you get?
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i havent found much unboxing vids ive only seen the landyachts boxs unboxing vids and they havent impressed me what im looking for is good trucks and a deck a few of the unboxings ive seen they gave the person trucks that are super small it wasent even 180
oh and question if i get a drop through deck (idk how to set it up) if i go to a shop will they be butthurt if i have them assemble it for me if i diddnt purchase a single item in their store lol
just youtube set up vids. it's not hard. sometimes you just have mount the baseplate first.
does anyone know how long they are still offering the mystery boxes
@JoeyMotionless first off youre getting a mystery box so what ever you get is exactly what you order so you cant rightfully be mad at anyone other than you if you get a cruiser. Witch Bustin has few of. Second how do you not know how to set up a board bro? Im sure us here can help you cause yes its a pretty big dick move having your local shop set up your shit when you didn't buy it from there. Also very few shops Id imagine would do it, and youre only hurting yourself by not learning.