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one thing that always intrigues me is space. I can't even comprehend how massive it is and how amazing it is.
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I could stare at pictures of it all day!
@tyra03 Yep @onesmile is right! I love space, too! Are you interested in like astronomy or anything or just staring at the sky like me? lol XD
@hikaymm i like astronomy & i also like to just stare at the sky. if I had enough free time I'd be looking at the sky. it's so huge, it just amazes me. I recently got a telescope so that was a good investment lol.
@tyra03 Cool! I've never had a telescope lol, just experimented with friends. Recently I've been trying to actually /learn/ about astronomy since I love stars and the sky, but It's been a slow process lol
@hikaymm, I know what you mean. I love going to the planetarium here in my town & one of the colleges here has free astronomy classes but I haven't had the chance to go unfortunately