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1. The first song is of course by the love of my life Hwang Chansung from 2pm. This sexy Japanese track definitely embodies desire for me because it is a preview of my future with him... for when we finally meet... it will happen!!! lol So I hope you enjoy it... but not too much lol 2. Navi- I Ain't Going Home I love Navi!!! Her voice is so soulful and pretty, and I love almost every song I've heard of hers. I hope you enjoy this song. I love the kind of old school sexy music, and its funny how she's like insulting him the whole time, but still wants to go home with him. 3. Miss A- Hush What Desire Playlist can be complete without this super sexy song (and MV) about a secret party. I love love love this song! 4. Brown Eyed Girls- Sixth Sense This song gives me chills everytime I watch the MV! I love it. Brown Eyed Girls is such an amazing group. Sexy and with great vocals. 5. Jay Park- Welcome ... Yup... Give me a minute... *clears throat and starts fanning myself* 6. Stellar- Mask I really like this song! I feel like I'm always wearing a mask in front of someone I like. I think this song is very relatable and still sexy. Ara? 7. Sistar- Touch My Body Of course I had to add something from Sistar! I love this very fun and super HOT summer track. 8. G.I. (Global Icon)- Because of You This is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite girl groups. They are so underrated and now I have heard that Aram has left the group. If this is true I'm going to be so sad because they make such good music and never really got a good chance. I think so many people would like them if they heard their music. Especially this song (also how I feel about LC9's East of Eden lol) 9. G-Dragon- That XX I will say it time and time again, I think G-dragon is so brilliant. His lyrics always give me some type of feels. Song is super sad, and I feel it is another one of those we can so easily relate to. that "can't you see I'm better for you than they are" feeling. 10. 2PM- A.D.T.O.Y Of course I had to add something from 2PM (my world begins and ends with Chansung haha) , and this song perfectly describes wanting someone. I love the video and the dance! Hope you enjoyed my Songs of Desire Playlist! @MattK95
Ohhhh Mr. Park<333 lost my focus in the middle of your playlist and repeated Welcome thrice.... but any who great playlist :) I'm all about That XX and A.D.T.O.Y
Haha great because I'm never on time haha @MattK95
@nenegrint14 no need for you to apologise, you can put these lists out as late or early as you want :)
@MattK95 omg I know I love it!! and we'll I guess I kind of cheated because I already sort of knew what I wanted to add, and then I started putting it together when you announced that the next list idea came from me. so I guess I technically used more time than everyone else haha sorry. won't happen again. but I was feeling bad about being so late with the last challenge. I finally had a day off today so I did all of my lists today haha
Wow you did this so quickly, I've barely gotten one song for my list XD I have to say that Sixth Sense is one of my all time favourite songs ever, I love brown eyed girls :)
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