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Desire Playlist (WARNING: Contains Jay Park... if you know what that means haha)
1. The first song is of course by the love of my life Hwang Chansung from 2pm. This sexy Japanese track definitely embodies desire for me because it is a preview of my future with him... for when we finally meet... it will happen!!! lol So I hope you enjoy it... but not too much lol 2. Navi- I Ain't Going Home I love Navi!!! Her voice is so soulful and pretty, and I love almost every song I've heard of hers. I hope you enjoy this song. I love the kind of old school sexy music, and its funny how she's like insulting him the whole time, but still wants to go home with him. 3. Miss A- Hush What Desire Playlist can be complete without this super sexy song (and MV) about a secret party. I love love love this song! 4. Brown Eyed Girls- Sixth Sense This song gives me chills everytime I watch the MV! I love it. Brown Eyed Girls is such an amazing group. Sexy and with great vocals. 5. Jay Park- Welcome ... Yup... Give me a minute... *clears throat and starts fanning myself* 6. Stellar- Mask I really like this song! I feel like I'm always wearing a mask in front of someone I like. I think this song is very relatable and still sexy. Ara? 7. Sistar- Touch My Body Of course I had to add something from Sistar! I love this very fun and super HOT summer track. 8. G.I. (Global Icon)- Because of You This is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite girl groups. They are so underrated and now I have heard that Aram has left the group. If this is true I'm going to be so sad because they make such good music and never really got a good chance. I think so many people would like them if they heard their music. Especially this song (also how I feel about LC9's East of Eden lol) 9. G-Dragon- That XX I will say it time and time again, I think G-dragon is so brilliant. His lyrics always give me some type of feels. Song is super sad, and I feel it is another one of those we can so easily relate to. that "can't you see I'm better for you than they are" feeling. 10. 2PM- A.D.T.O.Y Of course I had to add something from 2PM (my world begins and ends with Chansung haha) , and this song perfectly describes wanting someone. I love the video and the dance! Hope you enjoyed my Songs of Desire Playlist! @MattK95
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@MattK95 omg I know I love it!! and we'll I guess I kind of cheated because I already sort of knew what I wanted to add, and then I started putting it together when you announced that the next list idea came from me. so I guess I technically used more time than everyone else haha sorry. won't happen again. but I was feeling bad about being so late with the last challenge. I finally had a day off today so I did all of my lists today haha
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@nenegrint14 no need for you to apologise, you can put these lists out as late or early as you want :)
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Haha great because I'm never on time haha @MattK95
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Ohhhh Mr. Park<333 lost my focus in the middle of your playlist and repeated Welcome thrice.... but any who great playlist :) I'm all about That XX and A.D.T.O.Y
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Haha right! I almost forgot to post it I was so caught up in the video lol @PassTheSuga
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