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Well final part....I had a lot of fun doing this but it was also kind of emotional for me....which is a lil embarrassing to admit. But I guess music says what I want to say or need to hear a lot of the time. It helps me cope and understand a lot of things that I couldn't process on my own. Gives me crazy feels both on the amped end of the spectrum and also the super soft mushy teary-eyed type feels. Picks me up when I'm down. Finds me when I'm lost. Takes me away when I don't wanna be here. I don't confide in people but I trust in music. So anyway don't mean to go all soft on you guys lol...thank you @MattK95 for tagging me.... it was a pleasure :) 1. Big Bang__Lovedust When I first heard this song it was like love at first listen. Its got a great beat and its very poppy. I'm usually not into the straight up bubblegum type pop....but this song has emotion and movement to it....there's a longing that almost turns into sadness but then the chorus just bounces along. I just adore this song. 2. Super Junior_Mr. Simple Every time this song comes on I can't skip it....I can't shut up....and yeah I know the dance to the chorus. And in the MV everyone is looking so good....even with Shindong rocking the perfect bowl cut. Just love love love it. 3. Bi Rain Now I love me some Rain....like that's just a fact I'm throwing out into the universe. Now I had a hard time deciding which song I wanted to put on this list...Hip Song.....Its Raining......How to Avoid the Sun....Rainism....Love Song....and I blast all of these when they come up on a playlist... 30sexy with the MV and the funky beat....uggghhh that choreography with the hand waving in my face....I dunno what that move is but its like he's beckoning me every time I watch it *drool* It gives me feels....yes indeed. So I'm just gonna add the video from Sketchbook lol.....BC I'm a loser and I can't choose just one. 4. Taeyang ft Teddy__Prayer Taeyang doesn't need auto tune and honestly I hate that auto tune sound....with that said I can never bring myself to skip the song because its so freakin good lol. And hello...Teddy's rap...I just love me some Teddy<3 5. G Dragon ft Teddy and CL__The Leaders As you can tell Im obviously YG biased....lol. This song is a serious jam. Loved it from first listen. It is the most played song in library....idk how that happened BC I feel like I haven't listened to it all that much. I just love Teddy's flowww lol. Its never gonna get old to me. 6. Double K ft Jay Park__NOM I was psyched when the MV teaser hit and when it finally dropped like a week later I already knew I was gonna love it. This has to be a contender for my all time favorites list. I'm obsessed with Jay Park's hooks...they're intoxicating. Seriously I get lost in this song. It can be on repeat all day and I'll still feel guilty when I change the song. 7. Jay Park ft Loco__NaNa Of course.....that gorgeous talented piece of man candy is making yet another appearance in my playlist. I can't help who my ears are in love with. This song is impossible not to sing to. And its just got that feel good vibe that I'm all over. Aaaand can't forget to mention Loco<3 8.GD & T.O.P__ High High Two words : GHETTO ELECTRO.... 9. Big Bang__Still Alive Ahhhhhhhh this songggggg!!!!! I just love it. Ultimate survivor song. Should be toward the end of everybody's workout playlist. Love the lyrics. I'm on a serious Big Bang kick today....I'm missing them soooooooo much<3 10. Epik High__Don't Hate Me Anthemmmmm!! It takes me back to high school when I was a walking Hot Topic advertisement lmao. And Tablo....I love that man. He's absolutely amazing. The MV is so cute and fun =^_^= The song itself has a retro rock n roll feel that I'm just all over BC I'm into oldies. This song is just a winner to me. Totally playing this song at my wedding. Why? Because everybody hates me lol. Wooooohooooo finished :) Tried my best not to repeat any songs that I saw on other's playlist. But I totally failed at my goal to not pick more than one song per artist. Aaaand I left so many out :( Could go on for a few more lists but that'd get redundant and annoying lol.
As a major YG fan this list was a total fanboy session for me XD
@PassTheSuga cool, I shall await it with great anticipation XD
@MattK95 hahaha Ive got a meme for you....I've gotta find it first tho. I am glad you enjoyed it :)
@jiggzy19 uuggghh iii knooowww Rain just does things to me. I'm glad you liked it though :) I kinda got on a YG kick....it couldn't be helped tho.
Ugh 30sexy...(O_O)...I just love it so much!! I love this list and just can't get enough of The Leaders! Actually I can't get enough of all of them!!!! Thanks @PassTheSuga for sharing your playlists!!!
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