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1. Jay Park- Know Your Name (feat. Dok2) This Song definitely makes me want to dance, and I like Dok2's verse (also check him out in GI (Global Icon)'s song Booshit (don't lie)) 2. Gain- Bloom Not sure how much I like the MV because it takes so long to get to the song. But I definitely have to add Gain to my playlist because she pushes so many boundaries! (I will be posting another song from her separately because I'm not sure if really counts as being about desire, or wanting something you cant have) 3. Hwang Chansung- Love you Down ... I honestly think Oh is hotter song than this one. this one is a bit sweeter, but of course I love them both. Gah Chansung what do you do to me??? dshgvusohfuodhfwsoufhowh!!!!!! 4. Gain- The Gaze This is actually my first time hearing this song. I found this one and the one I mentioned I would post separately when I was looking for the video for Bloom Well I hope you enjoyed my bonus playlist!
Gain is such a boss b**ch......pardon my french but honestly lol. I had Fxxk You on repeat...I couldn't help it. She pushes boundaries and I like that. And Know Your Name is sooooooo Dok2<3
@nenegrint14 I think it had something to do with the sexual content of the mv and the actual meaning of the song, but yeah it wasn't a big deal in my opinion
Yes I heard something about that. I don't really see why as I feel that some of her other songs like Fxxk You and The Gaze are a bit more... explicit? than that song
Gain - Bloom was certainly a very... controversial music video, I guess you could say it's about desire in a round about way, regardless, I love the song and this list :)