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I couldn't find an answer elsewhere so I'm asking you guys. Are Bear 8mm ceramic bearings waterproof and rust proof? pls halp
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All I'm sayin is why spend $85 on just bearings when you could get a decent deck for just as much. If you buy magic, zealous, or normal bones and clean them regularly they could have just as much life.
any ceramic bearings are waterproof and rust proof. still you should avoid water because it can break down your lubrication. and so long as youre not doing stair gaps and impacts to the bearings theyll last even longer than steel bearings because ceramic is actually harder.
@steezus I understand what you're saying and trust me I get annoyed as well at stupid people who spend way too much money unnecessarily. But the ceramics really come in handy for me because I live in maine and it gets damp and wet in my area very often, leaving me to either not be able to ride as much, or having to dry off my bearings like every other day.
That makes sense to me @10murphyj I live where its 24/7 sun and I never really have to skate in the rain, so they seem obsolete.