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grinding undewater
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It's probably a nick off like a krypyonics board from Walmart
3 years ago·Reply
You guys totally missed the point lol @steezus @DanielSpazJames @3rdtactical
3 years ago·Reply
Seriously who thinks this is a good idea? For one picture?!?!?! She's crazy.
3 years ago·Reply
I'm ok with this. It may destroy the board, but it's a beautiful ambiance. It shows we have no limits to what we can do. Skaters/Longboarders are free-spirited people and have no reason to show any limits.
3 years ago·Reply
@steezus. now what if they put together a setup they don't care about specifically for the purpose of getting the shot. Lets face it, its a beautiful picture and i think the soul of the art might out weigh the value of the board.
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