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1. BoA- Every Heart (Japanese Version) Oh the feels.... This is such a beautiful song! I have loved this song since I was in like Middle School (it may have been high school I'm not sure,,, but it was a long time ago haha) I have loved InuYasha for as long as I can remember and I always loved when this ending theme song came on. It prompted me to look up the song and eventually to try to learn more about BoA, (so it was technically my first introduction to kpop, but I was only interested in her English and Japanese songs at the time haha) 2. Winner- Empty ok. where to begin with this song?? first you guys already know how I feel about Mino's voice (especially in the beginning of this song). This song is so sad, but I love the music.. Like when I first heard it I was pretty much addicted, and it still gets put on repeat occasionally. Gah so many feels! 3. LC9- East of Eden And yes! I will add this song to every playlist that it makes sense to add it to!! lol OMG like I already felt some type of way about this song just from reading the Lyrics and the Music, but when I heard about E.den and put it together that the song was about him... omg I cried. This song is so beautiful (even without it being about him) the harmony and the rapping fitting together so smoothly. I still love this song so much! it is another one that gets put on repeat! 4. Ayumi Hamasaki- Teddy Bear *Please excuse the yaoi video. It was the only video I could find that wasn't a cover, wasn't live, and had the full song. (I have no problem with Yaoi, but the idiot that made this video about guys falling in love clearly doesn't get what the song is about) This song is about a girl who's mother (I'm assuming it is their mother or a parental figure) was tucking her in for bed and told her when you wake up there will be a nice gift waiting for you. and when she woke up there was a Teddy Bear there in place of her "mother". (her "mother" had died) this song brings me to tears every time. 5. Dish//- I Can Hear I heard this song as one of the ending themes of Naruto Shippuden. I love this song! it makes me feel better when I'm feeling down. And these guys are super cute!!! I love this MV. I also really like the video for the ending theme. 6. Sistar 19- Gone Not Around Any Longer I love this song. It is another one of those songs I listen to a lot. It is sad but still sexy and I love the video and the dance! 7. 2PM- Please Call My Name When EVER I am feeling down I can listen to this song and it helps. And if I watch the MV in those minutes all my problems go away. It is such a cheerful song. And of course the my Love Chansung always makes me happy haha. 8. After School RED- In the Night Sky Where do I begin with this song?? it makes me want to dance, and I feel so free! I was in a bad relationship and the moment I really decided to let him go for good I felt so much lighter. this song takes me back to that freeing moment and I love it! it makes me want to go out riding at night and raise my hands to the sky and swear to never let someone treat me with any less respect and love than I deserve! I love this song! 9. Esna- Bite My Lower Lip I heard this song when I watched the drama Heirs. It is such a beautiful song and I love her voice. The lyrics are so sweet. this is a song I will want to play on my wedding day when I finally meet the man im going to spend the rest of my life with (*cough cough* Chansung haha). But it really is beautiful. 10. Miss A- I Don't Need A Man This song makes me feel so powerful! It is the reason I work and go to school. I want to be the independent girl they are talking about. I also Love the catchy beat and LOVE the dance!! Sorry it is so late, but I hope you enjoyed the first half of my playlist! @MattK95
@nenegrint14 you're so welcome :D
@MattK95 haha right! thanks for the challenge :)
Well that song Teddy Bear makes me cry every time, she has so much emotion in her voice when she sings it I just can't help it, and don't even get me started on BoA XD Great list thanks for sharing ^^
@MattK95 I also did a part 2 for this Playlist and a bonus. I think I tagged you in them. also I posted my Playlist and bonus list for the desire challenge. for that one I tagged you in the Playlist but not the bonus