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1. Spica- Painkiller Gahhhhh I Love this song!!!! And BoAh' s voice??? O...M...G... yes. 2. T-Ara- We Were In Love (with Davichi) This is such a sad and beautiful song. They harmonize so well, and I really love the rap in this song. I love the lyrics, and also it was played in the Drama MV for Lovey Dovey 3. U-Kiss- Don't Flirt (Mono Scandal) I love the music and the beat. its so sexy, and I love the kind of dark side as it touches on the dangers of desire. Hot. 4. Utada- This One (Crying Like A Child) For those that don't know Utada Hikaru is a Japanese artist that became famous in the states for her work on the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack. I really love this song from her and also her song Simple and Clean (from KH) 5. 2NE1- Ugly ...I really cant, so just read the lyrics. ...its amazing what your self esteem will do to you 6. Big Bang- Haru Haru this MV makes me cry!!! so sad!! 7. Winner- Color ring I love Winner, but they should stop speaking to my heart making me all sad and in love at the same time. 8. MBLAQ- Be A Man This song is kind of sad, but the MV is so sexy haha so it gives me mixed emotions lol 9. Big Bang- Sunset Glow This song makes me so happy when I hear it! the music is very happy fun and uplifting, and the lyrics are so cute! 10. Beat Burger- She's So High This is another one that makes me happy. I love the music video and the beat is catchy and fun to dance to. It is one of those that give you energy and make you excited for what is to come in life. " In a place where the wind doesn't even blow/ you are standing there/ you, who has gotten so far from me" (these are the lyrics I found on pop!gasa) @MattK95 this is the Second part of my Crazy Feels Playlist
Sunset Glow will always put me in an awesome mood :)
So am I @nenegrint14
@MattK95 haha glad I could remind you
I had totally forgotten about that Beat Burger song, I really like that song too :)
Tham gia Cộng đồng Korean Stars để có cơ hội trúng 1 cặp vé xem phim Tết nhé <3
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