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It is human life explained. Everything about life is found in football. It is hard. It is gut-wrenching. It is heart-breaking. It is fair. It is unfair. It is stunning and it is breath-taking. Football describes us so well. No other sport can glue us, eyes wide open, for 90 minutes before constantly leaping us into the air or taking our breath away at the stunning goals. From the beautiful passing, to the absolutely magnificent strikes, to the physics defying saves, football is and will forever be a part of us. We are football and football is us. May it forever be played and long may it reign.
@spudsy2061 Yea but there are a lot more position in American Football, as well. There are a lot of defensive players taken in top 10. There are a lot of linesmen taken in top 10 (Top 5 actually). These are not "flashy" positions, but teams understand their importance.
@Goyo The problem I have with American Football is that it is QB biased. No American Football punters get drafted 1st pick or 1st round. Nor long snappers. Rarely kickers. There's not a lot of equality in terms of the roles. In Football, smaller clubs beat bigger ones all the time. Warrington Town, a non-professional non-league side made of plumbers, teachers, and other workers beat professional Exeter City in this year's FA Cup alone. I feel there's more of a purity to Football too. There's 11 laws that govern the game. In American Football there's more penalties than laws of Football.
@spudsy2061 really? I feel like football definitely does have that more than other sports, but I am thinking American Football may be more chaotic. American Football can really change so quickly because so many players can affect the game. I feel also in Football the teams have too large a difference. I do think that there are times when smaller clubs win, but usually you know who will win most games. International competition is a bit harder. But in American Football, it is really is very unpredictable. It is not the QB who determines things. It can be the LBs, the CBs, the Linemen, etc Not just the high profile positions
@Goyo Because it's just more so. I can't say it is in American Football since the player roles are so uneven, same in baseball. Basketball is usually decided on 1 player's performance most nights. The only one I really think can be close is Ice Hockey but I feel Ice Hockey is the closest thing like Football. I've watched a lot of sports over the years and Football is just the sport that on any given day any club can beat any other club. I know AF is like that a lot too, but it's so much more prevalent in Football as seen by the FA Cup and other tournaments like that. It's just 90 minutes of purity.
@spudsy2061 why do you think that only Football can do this? I am not saying you are wrong, I am just wondering as to what things do you make it unique from other sports?