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We have all heard the saying "less is more," but what does that really mean? And why should we believe it. Mentally empty your closet, empty your junk drawers and heavy purse. Imagine your life without the knickknacks, the STUFF, the baggage. Would you still be happy? If the answer is no, I think you should seriously think about what you value in life. By having less, you allow yourself to notice the smaller moments that life presents. If you aren't enjoying these small things, you need to reflect on what you are doing with your life. With less, we have the ability to slow down in life, and not get so involved with things, events, gadgets, accessories, people, and so on. It gives us the opportunity to appreciate, enjoy, and even participate. Here is how to lead a simpler life: 1. Promise Less
. 2. Expect Less
. 3. Need Less 4. Plan Less
. 5. Lie Less. 6. Become Less Try being in the moment. Even just for a day.
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I am glad that this is about more than just 'having less.' I agree that it is important to have less material things but there are so many other kinds of baggage we carry around with us like expectations, worries, and prejudices.