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1. G-Dragon- Crooked I will say it again! G-dragon is so brilliant! his lyrics are always so good. this song is so sad.. it is always terrible to watch someone fall apart or to feel as if you are falling apart, and I think this song and the MV illustrates that process for a guy very well. 2. Winner- Different Here is another song I love from Winner. This song makes me feel... just feel. idk like he's being terrible to her but he really loves her and wants her to stay even though he is pushing her away... and you feel bad for the girl that fell in love with him. its just so tragic. and again... let me not get started on Mino's voice... gah (please excuse me while I fangirl) Winner stop doing this to me!!! lol 3. Sistar- Alone I know this song has been on everyone's playlists for like every challenge. It's such a sexy song from the music, to the outfits, to the dance that I absolutely love, but if you just listen to the lyrics its kind of sad and paints a vivid picture. you guys know I love Sistar! 4. 2NE1- It Hurts This song made me cry the first time I heard it and saw the video. Especially in the end when she is begging him to love her again. Gah just rip my heart out, 2NE1. A song that also deserves an honorable mention is 2NE1's song Missing You. I love that song, but it is another one I've posted several times before well hope you all have enjoyed my crazy feels playlists. I will try to not get behind again. @MattK95
Winner's Different is such a great song, one of my favorites off the whole album!
I also cried when I first heard it hurts, well almost cried... That song really gets to me, thanks for sharing your list :)
@kpopandkimchi I agree that one and Empty are so well written. I am really becoming obsessed with Winner haha