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this is the hair dye i used on my sister... on the previous picture i posted ...the name of the hair dye is (Crimson Storm) i baught at sally beauty store it costs around $6.00
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How long does this typically stay in? My semi-permanent colors tend to fade really fast :/
well when i do my sisters color i leave it in for at least three hours... u can leave them in all night especially with manic panic... only was with cold water dont use ani dandrif shampoos if u can avoid it they strip the color out faster
@Sjeanyoon it would typically last about 4 to 5 weeks
I use manic panic. I treat it as a deep conditioner. You wash your hair, then apply, you can either put conditioner in it out of the shower or in (I prefer out, the less time you're in the water the first time the best). It usually lasts for 3 weeks with me