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Neaa and I were discussing my complete lack of loyalty towards the male species...I explained I am a multi-cultural heart is big enough for here is a short list of my favorite thailand was so hard to just pick ten... but i tried to be fair...Men that will cause me to stop what I am doing and stare...YUMMY!!!! Ananda Everingham Aum Atichart Bie Sukrit Boy Pakorn Dome Pakorn Ken Theeradeth Nadech Kugimiya Om Akapan Tik Jesadaporn Weir Sukollawat
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men are not everything....:).....
may be.. but they are something..and if hot like these..definetely a worth watch!
hey bix...i never said they were everything...i just said these men were responsible for my severe A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder)...if they flash in front of me i forget what i was doing...
ok then....
he he hehe...