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Vingle slide jam?
What if, and it's a big "What if", the people who moderate the longboard community, and idk what their responsibilities are as moderators but based off my assumption of what that is they seem fit for the job, hosted like a Vingle Slide Jam, or Longboard Festival, but it was at like a good hill, or skatepark, or skatepark by a hill, or what have you, and they only got publicity for the event through Vingle, and you could sign up maybe get a T-shirt and have companies there with booths, or make it super casual like everyone just shows up to ride, there are so many ways this could be done. But like a longboarders summit, in the name of Vingle, and it could be in a different part of the states each year so people could take turns having to travel to it. Idk, you get what I mean. It's no small feat, but that'd be cool. Also on a side note, what's a good way to hear about all the longboard events already in existence? Like dates/times/locations/info before they happen, so you can plan shit and actually go
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